Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Other Crafting Loves

So since I haven't been paper crafting, I will show you what I HAVE been creating lately. As I mentioned earlier, I have been doing LOTS of knitting, sewing, and jewelry making. Here are a few of the things I have made and posted into my Etsy shop.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I think I'm back! :)

Holy smokes? Has it been long enough since my last post? Sorry for the long hiatus. I took a break from the stamping world in order to get my priorities straightened out and with a change of events this past month, I think I may be able to come back. :)

A lot has happened since I posted last. First of all, back in November we bought a house and moved into it a little after Thanksgiving. For Christmas my parents got us a puppy and he is just TOO cute! I have also started an Etsy store and begun adding things to it daily (I'll share more about it later). The last, and maybe biggest thing that has happened is that I just recently lost my teaching job due to budget cuts.

I'll spend this blog post explaining my job loss. First of all, I want everyone to know that I am at peace about it now. It was a very difficult time for me at first. I was feeling a lot of hurt and betrayal but the Lord is good and has really brought comfort into my life. I do not know how I would have gotten through this month without Him and my VERY supportive husband. I am still unsure of quite a few factors that I really don't want to get into but I know that this is going to be for the best and, to be honest, I'm kind of looking forward to the future!

My husband and I have done some budgeting and we have decided that we can easily make it with his two salaries and have no difficulties. I am probably going to take at least a year off from teaching and there are a couple of reasons why. First of all, there are no local job openings because every district is in the same situation that mine is. Second of all, we are in the process of trying to start a family and we are praying that God's timing is right in this. If it is, I am going to be a stay at home mom and I couldn't be more thrilled about that! It was always something that we dreamed about but we were never sure how to go about it with me having a job. Now that I don't have one, we feel like maybe this is in God's plan. Something else I have always wanted to do is homeschooling. I really feel strongly about homeschooling as does my husband, especially since I have a degree in teaching anyway! We are thrilled to be able to raise Godly children and I am so looking forward to having the freedom to teach what I want in my own home!

As of now, we are not planning on moving back to our home state of Iowa but of course that option is never completely thrown out. We are going to put our land and possibly even our house on the market to see if they will sell (since Nick says EVERYTHING is for sale at the right price, haha) but we are not too concerned if they don't sell right away. We aren't too hopeful with the economy as it is, but I guess we never know until we try! Nick is hopeful that if we can sell our house, we may be able to begin building our own home!

Anyway, all that said, I guess not having a job (and currently no children) means that I am going to have a lot more free time. I am already really excited about being able to keep a clean house and organizing the rooms I haven't had time to touch since we moved in. Besides that though, I really look forward to enjoying all things crafty! I have been knitting, making jewelry, and sewing a lot lately and really look forward to jumping back into the paper crafting world!

In other good news, there are currently 20 days of school left and I LITERALLY have 14 1/2 personal days left that I need to use! I was saving them for a possible maternity leave and now that I won't be coming back, I somehow have to figure out a way to use them! Haha! I plan on taking off MOST of them but I really don't feel right using all of them because that would mean I only have 5 1/2 days of school left this year! I couldn't abandon my kiddos like that. However, I am taking at least one day a week off and and will see what else comes up!

Ok, now that I have written a book, I will leave you with a picture! This is a picture of Nick and I with our puppy, Trip! He's obviously a lot bigger now but you get the idea! :) We took this picture in our new home in front of the wood stove in the kitchen. I will give more details on both Trip and the house later! Until then, feel free to check out my other blog at 320 Days of Sunshine!
I will be back soon!