Friday, October 15, 2010

Give Thanks!

Can you believe October is almost over? Time seems to be flying lately and it's starting to freak me out a little! My baby girl is going to be here in about 14 weeks! Woah! It's super exciting yet kind of scary at the same time!

So one thing I AM loving about time flying is the fact that this hot weather seems to have run out! I am quickly learning how NOT fun it is to be pregnant in warm weather! These fall temperatures have me feeling SO wonderful! I have always loved fall but I seem to love it even more now! I have really enjoyed watching the leaves change colors and snow has already started to cover the mountain tops! Beautiful!

I am also really looking forward to Thanksgiving because that will be the last trip Nick and I will be able to take to Iowa for quite a while! I have really missed my family and it's going to be so neat to see their reactions to my growing belly! Thanksgiving is such a joyous time for our family and to top it off, I will be having baby showers while I'm visiting! Woohoo!

Ok, enough rambling, on to today's card! In the spirit of fall, I decided to post a Thanksgiving card that I made for the GinaK sketch challenge last week! I used Theresa Momber's fall set! I just love her designs because of how realistic they look! I used the wheelbarrow and instead of leaving it empty, I cut out some pumpkins and stuck them in there! I also stamped the little vine in the corner and stamped some leaves and the sentiment for my circle piece. As a finishing touch I added a little bit of twine that reminded me of fall in Iowa (hay bales)!

Well, I hope you are all enjoying your Friday! I am SO excited for Saturday because that means spending time with my sweet husband!