Thursday, March 24, 2011

I just had to share!

Here is a video of my little sweetie! She is so much more animated lately and I absolutely love capturing moments like these! I took this video a couple weeks ago and forgot to share it with all of you! I plan on sharing more fun videos in the future. Hopefully that is ok with all of you! :)


Ida said...

Awww...She's just so cute. Thanks for sharing. I love watching babies as they change and grow.

Lindsay said...


I have an award I'd like to share with you if you wanted to pop on over to my blog

The Pennington Point said...

Precious! I love all of those coos and kicks.

I can't believe we have the same couch! That's so funny. I've been mulling over recovering mine as a summer project this year. Or I should say slip cover...not recover. I don't have the love seat. But I just recently took the cushions off and washed them and it was a huge pain. At least they're clean now, but that slip cover can't happen soon enough for me!