Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spreader of Love Award

I received the sweetest award this weekend and I wanted to share it with you! Crystal gave me this award and I couldn't have been more touched by it. Sometimes I wonder if sharing my heart is always worth it but then I have wonderful women like Crystal let me know that it is sometimes valued and I take pride in that! :) Thank you so much Crystal for this amazing award, you really made me feel special!

Anyway, I am supposed to share this award with 5 other women and I know just who those women are! I know so many women with wonderful hearts but I am drawn to those who are not afraid to share their faith on their blog! Now, to be honest, I hate feeling like I am going to leave someone out so if I do, I greatly apologize. It's not my intention, I promise!

Leanne: She's an amazing friend and such an encouragement to me as a Christian woman!
Amy W: I have mentioned her in my posts before. She is a wonderful woman of God who is not afraid to show it! :D
Dawn: Have you seen her Sunday shares??? They are full of blessings!
Patter: Oh my goodness! She is truly amazing. Her faith is obvious. All you have to do is glance at her blog to know her heart!
Laurie: She's phenomenal. She has been through such trials and her faith continues to shine through!

Do you mind if I keep going? Ok...I will!

Giovana: Her blog title is "A Place to Praise and Craft"...need I say more? :)
Christi T: A dear friend with such an uplifting personality!
Becca: Not only is she fantastically talented but she has a heart of gold!
Christi M: I just found her through a Colorado Stampers group and am delighted to discover that she loves Christ!
Jill: What can I say? She's amazing!
Sita: Her faith is shown in almost all of her creations!
Betty: I just recently started following her blog and have been blessed tremendously!
Amy S: I have been following her blog since I first started stamping because I was so touched by her faith in God!
Jekka: I don't know how I forgot her! She has been such a huge support for me through the struggles I have been facing lately! I love reading the comments that she leaves me because they always make me feel so much better!j
Mercy: Can you say "Total Sweetheart???" I just love her heart! the more I think about it...the more I realize that I am blessed so much by this hobby! You ladies don't know how much you mean to me! I could go on and on! In fact, I will keep adding to this list as I stumble across more faith based blogs! If you have a blog that you would like to share with me, I would really love it! Again, I don't want to leave anyone out. That is actually one of my worst fears because I personally know how it feels! Take care and thanks for allowing me to share more of my heart with you!


Giovana said...

Thanks so much Stephanie for invluding me in you list. You made my day!!!
God bless you very much

Amy said...

awwwww, thanks for including me on your list sweetie! I feel exactly the same way about you!!!! Hugs!

leanne said...

Thanks so much Steph! I am so thankful for our friendship. I love that I get to read your blog..but even better...spend time with you in "real life":) You're a treasured friend.

Spreader Bar said...

Congratulations! You deserve this wonderful award. Keep it up.