Sunday, February 22, 2009


"Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday." Hehe! Ok, if you have seen The Princess Bride then you know exactly what I am talking about and you are probably laughing along with me! :D I just LOVE that movie and have seen it so many times! Anyway, one of the challenges from VSN this weekend was to create a card based on a quote from that movie! I was in heaven when I read the challenge! Now remember, we only have 45 minutes to do the challenge but I wanted to watch it one more time before I got started so I worked on another challenge and then began this card! I absolutely love how it turned out though! The quote I used was based off the wedding scene when Prince Humperdink says "Man and wife. Say man and wife!" and then the Impressive Clergyman says "man an' wife." Hehe! Now obviously I don't have anything that says "man an' wife" so I used my Mr. & Mrs. rub on instead! you want the entire scene recap? it is:

The Impressive Clergyman: Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam...
[cut to Westley, Inigo, and Fezzik]
The Impressive Clergyman: And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva...
[cut to the trio again]
The Impressive Clergyman: So tweasure your wuv.
Prince Humperdinck: Skip to the end.
The Impressive Clergyman: Have you the wing?
[cut to the trio once more]
The Impressive Clergyman: ...and do you, Pwincess Buwwercup...
Prince Humperdinck: Man and wife. Say man and wife.
The Impressive Clergyman: Man an' wife.

:D I love it! It's actually my mom's favorite scene too! We will say it together over and over and never get tired of it! Hehe! I love you mom!

Ok...back to the card. I used Julee's fantastic Mojo Monday sketch from this week and pulled out my To the Nines Specialty dsp again. I just can't get over this fantastic paper! It's just heavenly. Ok, anyway, I obviously had to use a wedding stamp so I pulled out this wedding cake stamp from my SU! Fun & Fast Notes set. I colored it with my SU! Markers and then added some dazzling diamonds to the part that I left white. after applying my Chit Chat rub ons and punching out my circles I then tied a piece of ribbon to the front panel!

Well, that's it for today. I plan on participating in the Featured Stamper challenge over on Splitcoast later so I might possibly post it but we will have to see how much I get done. I have a work party this evening and that may take up a lot of my night. I honestly hope not but we all know how that goes!

Alright, have a wonderful afternoon!


Caryl P said...

Great card, and excellent choice of scenes from the movie. I feel like my roommate and I would recite that every day in college!

greenc said...

Princess Bride is my absolute favorite movie!!!! I love it!
And I love this card, too. Great color choices. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face thinking of Buttercup and the Dread Pirate Roberts! Cathy

Allison said...

I love that movie. I read the title of your post and knew right away it was from Princess Bride. I almost wish when we get married they'll say that first, just like in the movie, to keep things light!

Beautiful card too. Love the colours.

Jessie/knightrone said...

You are cracking me up girlfriend...I love the way he says true luv...hehe. Supah cute card girlfriend!!

Yankee in England said...

I laughed so hard at your Princess Bride monolouge! Great card.

Christi said...

LOL!! I LOVE the Princess Bride! This card is gorgeous!!

Steph Mitchell said...

I wonder if I can get our pastor to say that at our son's wedding on 4th of July!! Independence Day!! Very appropriate!
As another Steph, a Christian sister, although on the other side of the world in Australia, I love your card!!