Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Verve Card For A Good Cause!

Good afternoon! I am going to share two cards with you today (one now and one a little later) because I have been SO creative this past week! I have so many cards to show you and literally posting one a day would last me through this week AND part of next. I also have to mention that I am not done being creative either! Haha! I have the whole evening left to create because my hubby is going to play some bball! Woohoo! :D Ok, so on to the card! I made this card using the Looking For Love Sketch Challenge #3! And yes, they are going to be out of order on here and no, I don't know why! Hehe! Back to the card, I really liked how this card turned out even though the sentiment isn't what I wanted originally. Of course I pulled my fabulous Verve stamps to complete this card. What is a Verve sketch without Verve stamps??? Agree? Haha! I started making this card with no one in mind and then I remembered Jen del Muro's request to send a card to the Dallas Baptist University so I made it for that purpose! I am so thrilled that I can take part in this wonderful opportunity. In fact, I think I will send a few since I have so many laying around! I strongly recommend that you too participate because Jen has some awesome candy up for grabs! :D Just some extra incentive huh??? Well, that's about it for this post! I am off to stamp some more! Be back soon!

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Holly aka Toy said...

Gorgeous! I love this color combo :)