Friday, July 11, 2008

Here Are Those RAKs! :D

Sorry to leave you ladies hanging! I have received so many gorgeous cards in the mail this past week!

These first two cards were from a couple of ladies that are in my blogger pen pal group.

This first one is from Lynn. Lynn is also one of my fellow Cupcake Girls and it has been so great getting to know her! She has a fabulous blog so make sure to check it out!
This second card is from Deb who is our fearless leader! :D Thanks so much for all that you do Deb! I just love the tie-dyed ribbon on this card! I think this is a hidden fact about me but I LOVE tie-dyed stuff! Hehe! She too has a wonderful blog so make sure you check her out as well!

Now this card I received from another Cupcake Girl. Monika sent this card to my hubby and me for our anniversary! How sweet is that??? :D I was so surprised. It was the only card that we actually got on our anniversary so I was excited! My husband was also pleased that he finally got a hand stamped card in the mail. Haha! He gets jealous of my mail sometimes! You should know that Monika has a blog too and it's definitely worth checking out! I have been a blog stalker of hers since I first discovered blogs! Thanks girl! You are the sweetest!

This last card is from Terri! I received it in a package that she was sending for Jamie! It is just so nice when these wonderful ladies think to give me a card too! I never even expected it but I have been overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness! Thanks so much for the beautiful card Terri! I also LOVED your sweet message inside! :D

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Monika/Buzsy said...

Great RAKs! I love receiving handmade cards! Thanks for your sweet words. :o)